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How To Find The Right Road Construction
Company For Your Project In Florida

Building Beyond The Basics

From playgrounds to state-of-the-art superhighways, the ground beneath us has always played a quiet, yet indispensable role in shaping our daily lives. It’s the unsung hero that makes new pathways possible, connects us to others and gives us and our dreams a steady foundation to build upon.

Choosing a Florida paving company goes beyond price quotes and timelines. It’s about selecting a partner that combines technology, eco-consciousness, and decades of expertise and dedication to the community to set the perfect stage for your most important projects.

Tip #1 – Be Clear With Your Expectations

The truth is, without extensive experience in the road paving field, it can be hard to know what might go wrong until it happens.

First, make your own list of expectations and requirements for the project. Then, reference our list of possible mistakes and “hiccups” that are common in the industry, so you can make sure to form well-defined expectations around each one of these areas.

Potential shortcoming and pitfalls you might face
during the construction of a new road:

  • Losing important time windows due to careless mistakes or ineffective construction work
  • Watching your project site become completely overrun with mountains of unused debris
  • Always having to step in to ask what the asphalt layers are doing because they barely communicated their project plan with you 
  • Struggling to decide which materials and techniques are the best for maintaining the quality of your asphalt
  • Having to totally restart a project and find a new company in the middle of your project because the one you hired just stopped showing up one day

Tip #2 – Ask The Right Questions

It’s not always enough to make sure your expectations are communicated. Finding the right company to help with your new road construction often comes down to asking each potential company the right questions so that you can make sure your expectations will be met with flying colors.

Ask Questions Centered Around The Following Processes:

  • What is being done to ensure timely, precise and efficient construction work?
  • What is being done on a team level to ensure your expectations are communicated?
  • How is project management organized? How will management ensure pristine site conditions during of each phase of your project? What checks are in place?
  • How do you know to trust every professional on the job? Are there specialists for each task, such as sealcoating your parking lot or completely demolishing a turnpike? Or is every employee a generalist?

    • What is the clear vision for the project plan?
  • Do you have a clear, concise and easy to understand explanations of materials, techniques and maintenance options? How will the company ensure you make the right choices for your budget?
  • What assurances are in place to make sure your project runs seamlessly with premium service, communication and quality of work from start to finish?

Tip #3 – When In Doubt, Work With The Best

The Value Of Choosing The Right Road Construction Company

With professional foresight and heavy-duty machinery, you can execute every one of your projects smoothly, efficiently, with speed and top quality.

Finding the right hauling and road construction company doesn’t stop at the basics. Services like milling that is tailored to diverse project requirements, sealcoating that extends pavement life, and precise striping solutions that are met with equal expertise and professionalism at every turn are the marks of a project partner that you can rely on.


When in doubt, you can always save yourself money, time and stress by choosing Florida’s best road construction firm – VLJ Construction Services, Inc. – with 20 years and counting as THE choice for all of your hauling, concrete recycling, asphalt paving, milling, sealcoating and striping projects.