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Our Services

What We Do Best

You’d be hard-pressed to find another company in the world who cares about your project like VLJ Construction Services, Inc. will. Our team is built to deliver maximum quality in minimum time, all across the greater Florida area.

Tri-axle dump truck hauling

In an industry where the margin for error is minuscule, each VLJ Construction Services, Inc. truck is equipped with the latest safety features, and every one of our expertly trained operators ensure accurate weight distribution, maximizing efficiency and minimizing wear and tear. Our extensive fleet is ready to serve across Florida, making us the go-to choice for projects of any scale.

Concrete recycling

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us – it's a commitment. By recycling concrete, we significantly reduce the amount of concrete waste that is produced. We recycle concrete for Road Base and 57 Stone material.

Asphalt Paving

Our approach to asphalt paving in Florida is guided by accuracy. Each project is meticulously planned and executed to ensure longevity and superior quality. From driveway paving to blacktop basketball courts and business parking lots, our experience spans various terrains and utilizes eco-friendly methods that reflect our commitment to the community.

Asphalt Milling

From full-depth milling to profile milling, our range of services is designed to meet diverse project requirements.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Our sealcoating services act as a shield protecting your asphalt surfaces from environmental damages, ensuring longevity and enhancing visual appeal. By preventing major damages and extending pavement life, our sealcoating solutions promise long-term cost savings.

Asphalt Striping

Our striping solutions are delivered with meticulous attention, ensuring each marking is clear, straight, and perfectly placed.